Soundsation FV100-LC Volume Pedal w/Cable - Remaining

Soundsation FV100-LC Volume Pedal w/Cable

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CONTROL series pedal has been coinceived to perform precise control and confortable use due to their slip proof large footboard. FV100-LC has been designed for keyboard players to control the volume or effect level on digital keyboards, piano or synth. The side pot can be used to set the minimum volume. Coming with jack stereo integrated cable for direct connection. A must-have to enrich your expression possibilities and control over your sound.


  • Volume or expression pedal with stereo jack for keyboards, digital pianos or synths
  • Large footboard inslip proof ABS material for confortable and precise control
  • 1,75 meters Cable with 6,3 stereo jack
  • 100Kohm potentiometer
  • Polarity inverter switch


Dimensions (L x D x H): 197 x 840 x 45 mm


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